In the last 15 years I have worked my way around kitchens all over the world. Eating, living & cooking in London, Scotland, Switzerland & France to name but a few. From street food to Michelin Star, South Liverpool to North London, the Outer Hebrides to the Swiss Alps, and back again!

For the last four years I have been the executive chef in the private residence of a prominent restaurateur in the UK and along side this I run a small pop-up event business – AFKitchen.

Aside from my ‘day’ job I wanted to use the skills and passion I have for cooking…and eating, combine this with a love of music and offer people memorable nights out at an affordable price.

Nights that I would want to go on, at prices that I would pay without ever compromising on the quality of the produce used. Making people happy with amazing food, great music and a good laugh.

The aim was to always change the style and origin of cuisine, using different genres of music to suit and finding unusual, quirky venues that leaves people guessing what will be next?!?

So far, so good…..

Andy,                                                                                                                                                 Chef Director

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Thanks for reading.